We partner with local government to provide balanced solutions tailored to your needs.

Our attorneys can get pretty obsessed about municipal issues. We’re extraordinarily responsive. We call you back, keep you informed, and treat you with courtesy and respect. Our Municipal and Governmental Entity team has particular experience representing local governments and agencies from Murphy to Manteo on a variety of issues, including public officials, law enforcement, Section 1983, employment law claims, school board issues, workers’ compensation claims, coverage issues, and general and premises liability claims. We keep a close eye on recent developments in governmental immunity cases coming down through the appellate courts and have been instrumental in litigating important cases that have clarified the case law for governmental immunity in North Carolina. Our statewide footprint allows us to service the entire state of North Carolina and all of its counties, cities and municipalities efficiently and effectively.

Cyber Liability and Drone Law

Lending advice and assistance to local governments and their agencies as they continue to utilize cutting edge technology in the matters of government and law enforcement. To learn more, visit our Cyber Liability and Drone Law page.

Employment Practices

Assisting with the development of employment practices and providing legal support and defense when local governments and their agencies are faced with an employment lawsuit. Our services include the provision of real time advice through an established Employment Hotline geared toward avoiding risk on the front end. Visit our Employment Law page for more information.

Insurance Coverage

Assisting local government and their agencies to identify and procure adequate protection when faced with a prospective loss. Visit our Insurance Coverage Services page for more information.

Law Enforcement

Representation of law enforcement in claims ranging from auto accidents and emergency response to use of force and claims of constitutional violations.

Litigation Support

Partnering directly with local government and their agencies when faced with allegations ranging from breach of contract to constitutional violations.

Property Tax Appeals

Our team partners with counties across the state to defend property tax appeals, primarily in regards to the appraisal of real property. Any taxpayer in the county can appeal a valuation of property. When informal efforts to resolve valuation disputes are unsuccessful, they move to a more formal hearing before a local Board of Equalization and Review. Decisions of the local Board can be appealed to the State Board of Equalization and Review (Property Tax Commission), and ultimately, the Court of Appeals or Supreme Court, if necessary. Having partnered with counties for more than 30 years, we understand the practical and political challenges that these appeals create. We combine that understanding with years of litigation and appellate experience, and a unique depth of knowledge of the valuation process, to assist in an efficient resolution of property tax appeals.

Risk Management

Providing proactive advice and consultation to prepare for and avoid risk through evaluation of practices, policies, and insurance.

Workers' Compensation

Defending local government and their agencies in matters with the North Carolina Industrial Commission with an understanding of both acute legal issues in dispute and broader political implications. Visit our Workers’ Compensation page to learn more.