For more than seventy years, the attorneys at Teague Campbell have worked with the trucking industry. We represent a wide variety of trucking companies, commercial transportation insurance companies and third party administrators. We also advise our clients concerning federal and state regulations, and on those workers’ compensation, occupational accident, coverage and employment law issues which are relevant to the commercial trucking industry.

Without trucking, our economy would grind to a halt. With an understanding of the industry, its rules and regulations, and the risks facing trucking companies on the road and in the office, our team is able to increase your profitability and ability to perform your work. Performing this vital task through the web of administrative red tape, workers’ compensation risk, and liability on the road can be difficult. We help you navigate those challenges, keep your trucks running and, if the need to litigate arises, we’ll be on your side.

We know that on-the-scene facts and data are crucial to defending a commercial trucking accident claim. We also know that accidents are a small part of your job, and our experience with the rest of your business is how trusted partnerships are built. Early investigation is key to giving you an advantage when it comes to protecting your business. Throughout our years of experience, we have established partnerships with experts, including accident reconstruction engineers who are at the top of their field. These relationships, along with our statewide footprint, enable us to assemble a team to begin an investigation immediately following an accident. As soon as the investigation is complete, we will assess the case and develop a strategy that prioritizes your objectives.

Our Trucking and Commercial Transportation team represents a number of regional, national and international commercial transportation companies. We routinely handle issues ranging from:

  • Accidents involving commercial vehicles;
  • Assistance with accident investigations;
  • Advice on federal and state regulations;
  • Hiring, discipline and other employment law issues;
  • Matters involving independent owner-operators; to
  • Workers’ Compensation claims

Our attorneys are recognized leaders in the legal field when it comes to employment law and workers’ compensation matters unique to trucking companies. And we understand the unique relationships you have with independent owner operators. Because we have seen how cases unfold in the courtroom, we offer a unique perspective that enables us to help clients avoid lawsuits altogether. Our attorneys also regularly provide free client seminars on evidence preservation techniques. We understand that each client faces issues unique to their business and offer individualized counsel to fit their needs.