Attendant Care in Post-Reform North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Claims

In recent years, attendant care provided under North Carolina’s Workers’ Compensation Act has gotten quite a bit of attention in the appellate courts and at the General Assembly.  In particular, the Court of Appeals’ 2011 decision in Shackleton v. Southern Flooring & Acoustical Company presented a challenge for employers.  Reversing the Commission’s denial of an…

North Carolina Court of Appeals Determines Parsons Presumption Applies to New Injury to Accepted Body Part


On May 12, 2007, Plaintiff was working as a tire builder for Defendant-Employer, and sustained injury to her right shoulder. Defendants accepted the right shoulder as compensable. Plaintiff underwent surgery and returned to work. Plaintiff sustained a number of exacerbations to the right shoulder over the course of her claim. Following one incident in 2010,…

Agreement Between US Government and Auto Makers on Issues Affecting Insurance Industry

Last week, automakers and the US government reached an agreement on ways to improve safety, including warding off cyber-attacks in the ever-increasing number of Internet-connected vehicles and supporting the safe deployment of autonomous vehicles.   This collaborative approach by regulators and industry leaders highlights the overlap between automobile liability, cyber security, and autonomous vehicles.