Our Insurance Defense team partners with insurance companies across the spectrum
to provide high quality, cost conscious legal service.

The insurance industry has changed, and law firms who service the industry must be adaptable. In an era of  increased competition and metrics based analysis, it is not enough for law firms to simply provide high quality legal representation. They must do more. At Teague Campbell, our attorneys quickly assess case specific exposure and potential litigation costs in order to develop strategic action plans that make financial sense for our clients. Some cases require a bulldog litigator who can effectively defend a meritless case through verdict. Others require a more collaborative approach with an eye towards achieving a quick resolution while minimizing defense costs. All require communication throughout the life of a case, individualized attention to detail and an awareness of the client’s goal. By adhering to these principles, our Insurance Defense team adds value to your organization by achieving efficient, cost effective, positive results.

Dram Shop/Alcohol Liability

Dram Shop/Alcohol Liability deals with the laws governing commercial establishments that serve alcoholic beverages. Traditionally, it referred to a shop where spirits were sold by the “dram,” a small unit of liquid. We have one of the most prominent and well-respected Dram Shop/Alcohol Liability teams in the State of North Carolina.

Our team encourages clients to ask questions, get informed and utilize our unmatched experience to protect their business when it comes to the sale of alcohol. We represent taverns, restaurants, bowling alleys, national supermarket chains and other businesses that sell alcohol to a person who then causes an accident. Partner Dayle Flammia is one of the most experienced Dram Shop attorneys in North Carolina. He has been practicing this type of law since the 1980’s and has tried a number of cases. Through his experience, Dayle has developed a strong understanding of the North Carolina Alcohol Beverage Control Laws.

Motor Vehicle Negligence

Our Insurance Defense team partners with expert accident reconstruction specialists and engineers to provide the on-the-scene expertise you need. Armed with those facts, and years of experience, we partner with our clients to achieve fair, measurable results.

We represent individuals and businesses following a motor vehicle accident. In addition to representing parties once suit is filed, our attorneys routinely assist with the investigation of accidents when they first occur. We understand the importance of documenting facts in a timely manner and gathering data for use in defending claims. We utilize well-credentialed accident reconstruction experts and engineers to give your claim the professional attention it deserves.

Products Liability

You take pride in the products you manufacture. We take pride in assisting you when issues arise, defending not just your product, but your reputation.

Visit our Products Liability page for more information.

Professional Liability

Our experience in Professional Liability assists our clients and peers in avoiding potentially harmful claims against their reputations. When claims do arise, our litigation team brings results-oriented solutions, protecting your livelihood as we would our own.

Our attorneys represent a variety of professionals when claims are brought against them, including lawyers, accountants, dentists, veterinarians, social workers, therapists and realtors. We are honored by the recognition and awards earned by our attorneys in this field, particularly because professional ethics are a cornerstone of our industry. Because our attorneys also routinely represent professionals before their respective licensing boards, we bring an additional understanding of the effect of claims on our clients and are, therefore, better able to guide them through the litigation process. Our goal is to provide proactive and practical legal advice to assist our clients in navigating the legal system.

Retail, Entertainment and Hospitality

Our Retail, Entertainment and Hospitality team assists businesses in developing proactive measures and legal protections for your premises. If a claim or lawsuit is brought, our experienced litigators work alongside engineers and industry experts to limit your liability.

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