Heather T. Baker

Heather is a diligent attorney committed to providing the highest level of advice and advocacy to her clients.

Kyla K. Block

Kyla’s experience helps her advise clients on how to assess and reduce their risk, while developing a strong strategy for each stage of the case.

Courtney C. Britt

Courtney uses her strong analytic skills to unravel complicated legal issues that are frequently seen in situations involving coverage and bad faith.

William A. Bulfer

Bill has always viewed his clients as partners and dedicates himself to fully understanding their business, both in the public and private sector.

S. Scott Farwell

Scott takes a detailed and comprehensive approach to claims handling within his practice of workers’ compensation defense.

Dayle A. Flammia

Throughout his career, Dayle has developed a reputation for not backing down. He thrives when the stakes are at their highest.

Matthew D. Flammia

Matt has a unique ability to calmly evaluate client needs and then develop aggressive strategies to meet their objectives.

Henry W. Gorham

Henry is respected by clients and peers alike for his tough yet innovative approach for resolving complicated legal disputes.

Bruce A. Hamilton

Bruce brings extensive knowledge, insight and analysis to every claim. He is a trusted advisor to his clients and peers alike.

Daniel W. Hayes

Daniel’s certification as an MSA Consultant provides him with a real opportunity to minimize exposure for insurers and employers on catastrophic workers’ compensation claims.