We bring in-depth analysis, true creativity, and customized solutions to resolving your Medicare Secondary Payer issues.

At Teague Campbell, we distinguish ourselves from many of the national MSA vendors by doing the creative, analytical file review and analysis that saves our clients money. We take a responsive and personal approach towards serving our clients, and avoid using a formula-driven, “one size fits all” model. We do more than act like a middle man between Medicare and our clients, and would not simply forward requests from CMS without considering the implications.  We keep our clients advised every step of the process, and we are accessible at all times.  We strive to provide quick-turnaround on files and keep our clients updated on new MSA developments.

Conditional Payments

Conditional payments are verified with the appropriate subcontractors of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). Any settlement involving a Medicare beneficiary, whether liability or workers’ compensation, will have a potential conditional payment issue.

We can verify a plaintiff’s Medicare and SSDI status (by releases obtained from the plaintiff and filed with either Medicare or the local Social Security office).  We can obtain Medicare conditional payment information. We can identify unrelated charges and request removal.  There is also an administrative appeals process available, which based upon your circumstances may offer options based on waiver or partial waiver for financial hardship; waiver or partial waiver for equity and good conscience; and a request for compromise in the best interests of the Agency.

Medical Cost Projections

Sometimes a formal MSA submission is not possible, but the parties recognize that an MSA is still necessary. In those situations, we offer preparation of a future medical cost projection, which may include both Medicare and non-Medicare covered expenses, as requested. This cost projection may be used for settlement negotiation purposes and may also be relied upon for documentation of the parties’ protection of Medicare’s interests in funding future medical needs from the settlement proceeds.

Medicare Set-Asides

We are registered to make inquiries and submissions for both workers’ compensation MSA’s and all conditional payment issues via the respective Medicare web portals.  With a signed release from the Medicare beneficiary, carrier, and/or applicable plan, we can perform all tasks related to formal Medicare submissions and verifications electronically.

Monitor and Assist

We are able to provide more routine services, such as monitoring the status of a settlement contingent upon CMS approval, then submitting supplemental settlement documents for Industrial Commission approval to close the claim; coordinating the funding of an MSA by structured annuity; reviewing and revising settlement language in both workers’ compensation clinchers and liability releases; and offering attorneys and mediators support as issues arise during the course of mediations.

Opinion Letters

We offer consultation in cases where a formal MSA allocation is not appropriate by way of a formal “opinion” letter, similar in effect to a coverage letter in an insurance case. We distinguish ourselves in the manner in which we approach these assignments by reviewing with you, the client, your unique set of circumstances and offering a case-specific and fact-heavy analysis.  The result is a comprehensive and thorough approach to risk management which documents that all aspects of the Medicare Secondary Payer Act have been properly considered by the settling parties in protecting the Medicare Trust Fund.

With a focused, customized approach, our Medicare team provides clients with substantial cost savings when settling claims involving potential Medicare Secondary Payer issues.  Our clients appreciate the experience and accountability we offer in analyzing the complex Medicare issues in Workers’ Compensation and Liability Settlements that many outside MSA vendors simply cannot match.  We work with our clients to develop a strategy for addressing and resolving important Medicare issues such as:

  • Is the plaintiff a Medicare beneficiary?
  • Is there a Medicare conditional payment lien?
  • Is an MSA even appropriate?
  • How much should be allocated to fund an MSA?
  • Can the settlement even be submitted to CMS for review?
  • How do we consider Medicare’s interests in a liability settlement if there is no submission process?
  • How do we consider Medicare’s interests in a workers’ compensation settlement if it does not fall within the review thresholds?

Before you make the referral, we will provide an informal consultation to determine what steps need to be taken.  If no MSA is recommended, then we can provide an opinion letter for a flat-fee rate to document our analysis.  If a formal MSA is appropriate, then we can prepare the MSA and make the submission to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) for approval, including zero-dollar allocations.  If you only need a future medical cost projection, we can assist in getting this prepared.  Knowing your case, from initial claim to ultimate resolution, means measurable results, tailored solutions, and real cost savings.


Please contact us for our latest flat-fee and hourly pricing options.

We offer free consultations, either by phone or email, to identify which of our services, if any, are recommended prior to formally engaging our services.  Consider us your “lifeline” during mediation or at any stage of your settlement negotiations.

Below is a sample of work we have performed for our clients. Our intention in providing these heavily redacted, concise summary statements is to illustrate the type of work we regularly perform. They do not represent the firm’s entire record and past successes are not a guarantee of any future result or outcome. All identifying case information, as well as references to the parties or counsel involved, have been removed.


    • A national MSA vendor recommended $159,171.00 MSA. We prepared a second opinion and submitted $21,006.76 proposal to CMS, which was approved, saving our client over $138,000.00.
    • Workers’ compensation case was settled at mediation contingent upon CMS approval of a maximum amount of MSA.  We were able to get CMS approval of a $0.00 MSA, which saved the client approximately $43,000.00 on this settlement.
    • A national vendor prepared an MSA with future medication costs estimated at $234,319.68.  We restructured the pricing using generics, alternative sizing options, as well as equivalent alternative medications, to develop a strategy to reduce the exposure to $121,080.96, for a potential savings of $113,238.72.
    • A national MSA vendor recommended $681,602.52. We reviewed the file and assisted the client in projecting the likely exposure and developing a strategy for CMS submission. CMS ultimately approved the MSA for $509,933.00, saving the client $171,669.52.
    • Analyzed all potential lien issues in liability settlement with pro se plaintiff, including Medicare Advantage Plan; verified final lien amount under Medicare Advantage Plan, and prepared Medicare language for release.
    • Prepared and submitted $0.00 MSA to CMS, which was approved; researched Medicare conditional payment amount; and negotiated payment of final lien with opposing counsel.
    • We were contacted by a North Carolina mediator during the course of a live liability mediation and spoke with the attorneys of record to develop strategy to consider Medicare’s interests. Retained to prepare a liability MSA that was incorporated into the settlement.
    • Prepared analysis letter for client discussing available options where CMS issued counter-higher demand in response to zero-allocation request from a national vendor.
    • Commercial Repayment Center (CRC) issued Conditional Payment Notice (CPN) to a client identifying $30,008.16 in payments. We prepared a response as Authorized Representative, asserting our client was not an Applicable Plan and did not have primary payer responsibility, and the charges were unrelated to the alleged accident. The CRC agreed and reduced the CPN to $0.00.
    • A national MSA vendor recommended $116,481.00 MSA. We prepared a new MSA, which was submitted to CMS and approved for $44,624.90, saving our client $71,857.00.