Eroding Limits: Benefit, Burden, or Both?

In recent discussions with clients regarding the development of professional liability coverage, I was asked whether we would be “better off” with eroding limits coverage.  That question sparked an interesting discussion about the value of eroding limits in cases where defense costs represent the majority of exposure and the impact that eroding limits can have…


Agreement Between US Government and Auto Makers on Issues Affecting Insurance Industry

Last week, automakers and the US government reached an agreement on ways to improve safety, including warding off cyber-attacks in the ever-increasing number of Internet-connected vehicles and supporting the safe deployment of autonomous vehicles.   This collaborative approach by regulators and industry leaders highlights the overlap between automobile liability, cyber security, and autonomous vehicles.

Daniel Hayes Publishes Book on MSAs: Medicare Issues in Liability and Workers’ Compensation Settlements

Medicare Issues in Liability and Workers’ Compensation Settlements by Daniel W. Hayes, J.D., M.S.C.C., was written to guide practitioners through their analysis of how to best consider Medicare’s interests when resolving claims involving medical exposure. The book is presented from the perspective of an insurance defense attorney with over 18 years in practice, who is…